Re: Legal issues with new font guidelines

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On Wednesday 28 January 2009 06:05:01 Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> For the sake of argument, let us assume a font licensed under OFL,
> called Mardana. The upstream tarball has two families inside, Mardana
> Sans and Mardana Serif, in TTF format. The text of the OFL license is
> not included in the TTFs themselves, but in a separate text file in
> the tarball. Actually, let's assume the TTFs themselves don't have any
> copyright or licensing metadata.
> Of course, if the user really wants to, she can investigate the binary
> RPM, and find pointers to the actual license, and go and find the
> license. But we would not be redistributing the license with "each
> copy".

Put the license text file (I'm assuming it's not all that big) as %doc for each 
subpackage; it should end up in a separate directory under /usr/share/doc, thus 
eliminating any worry about file conflicts should someone update the license at 
any point and a user upgrade one font subpackage but not the other.

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