Re: Legal issues with new font guidelines

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Le Mer 28 janvier 2009 07:05, Roozbeh Pournader a écrit :

> So, someone finds about the fonts, wants to use them on Windows,
> searches for them, and finds our binary RPM for Mardana Sans, and
> downloads it. She then opens it with some tool and installs it on her
> machine.

I don't think anyone can sue us because someone extracted stuff from
an rpm and installed it without using rpm itself when all our own uses
pass through rpm. I'd rate this risk at 1 on a scale of 100, when us
distributing misappropriated font content included in a font file that
we didn't detect in time would be 90.

And in fact our current problem is more to get upstreams to write
correct, complete and accurate legal documentation than upstreams
complaining we do not propagate this documentation properly.

But IANAL, and if there is a legal need, there is no technical
limitation that would prevent duplicating the same files in all the
subpackages of the same srpmmany times over.

Nicolas Mailhot

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