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Le Mar 30 décembre 2008 16:37, Nicolas Mailhot a écrit :
> Le Mar 30 décembre 2008 15:29, Sarantis Paskalis a écrit :
>> Hello,
> Hi,
> Thank you for adapting your packages and providing feedback!
>> I am converting my font packages to the new guidelines and hit some
>> rpmlint warnings that appear to be template related.  Specifically,
>> I
>> followed the /etc/rpmdevtools/spectemplate-fonts-multi.spec from
>> fontpackages-devel that creates absolute symlinks between
>> /etc/fonts/conf.d/$font.conf and
>> /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/$font.conf
>> rpmlint moans about the absolute symlink and wants a relative one.
>> I
>> don't really have an opinion about that and could not find any
>> fedora
>> policy on this one [1].
> I didn't find a simple (for me and packagers) way to create relative
> symlinks here. Individual packages are not supposed to know the values
> of the directory macros since FPC asked for them in part to hide
> future value changes from individual packagers.

drat, should have read your link before commenting.
I'm not sure how ok it is to add a dep to symlinks for
fontpackages-devel. It looks harmless enough, but is this package even
in all our spins?

I suppose if I change the templates to use the symlinks command to
avoid the rpmlint warning, I need to notify FPC at least (even if it's
a minor change, it's still a guidelines change)

Nicolas Mailhot

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