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Le Mar 30 décembre 2008 15:29, Sarantis Paskalis a écrit :
> Hello,


Thank you for adapting your packages and providing feedback!

> I am converting my font packages to the new guidelines and hit some
> rpmlint warnings that appear to be template related.  Specifically, I
> followed the /etc/rpmdevtools/spectemplate-fonts-multi.spec from
> fontpackages-devel that creates absolute symlinks between
> /etc/fonts/conf.d/$font.conf and
> /usr/share/fontconfig/conf.avail/$font.conf
> rpmlint moans about the absolute symlink and wants a relative one.  I
> don't really have an opinion about that and could not find any fedora
> policy on this one [1].

I didn't find a simple (for me and packagers) way to create relative
symlinks here. Individual packages are not supposed to know the values
of the directory macros since FPC asked for them in part to hide
future value changes from individual packagers.

Given that to my knowledge the relative symlink thing was never an
official Fedora guideline, that chroots are considered broken by
security people, that nowadays we have many virtualization options to
achieve the same things without hitting absolute symlink and other
security problems, and that no one complained during the review phase,
I decided against overegineering and used simple absolute links.

I'm open to better solutions that avoid the warning as long as the
result stays simple and stupid.

> The other thing is a minor patch that distinguishes variable from
> macro in the same template (attached)

That looks harmless enough. If you feel that improves the template
legibility I will make the change this week end (but only in rawhide)

Are you interested by commit access to the project?

Nicolas Mailhot

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