Help with new font packaging guidelines (choosing font family)

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I'm trying to convert my packages (jomolhari-fonts, tibetan-machine-uni-fonts) to new font packaging guidelines.
I've encounter one problem that stops me from filling all guidelines.
I don't know the right font family (serif, sans serif, other?) for both fonts, so I can't create a fontconf files.

How can I find/known this font family (both fonts represents Tibetan script which I don't know)?

BTW. If both fonts are installed TMU is selected as a primary font for displaying Dzongkha text, is there a way to set fontconfig to prefer Jomolhari when dealing with Dzongkha text and TMU when displaying Tibetan text (Jomolhari is better for Dzongkha text and TMU for Tibetan text).

Best regards
Marcin Garski

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