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Le vendredi 21 novembre 2008 à 12:04 +0200, Nicu Buculei a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > 
> > To avoid repeating the very unpleasant 1h30 exchange I had with infra
> > yesterday after sending my message to fedora-news, I know my
> > limitations. I don't have the capabilities, time, or means to set up
> > servers in the stead of infra, rewrite apps in the stead of developpers,
> > write articles in the stead of article writers. 
> Nicholas, this is what I can offer: 
> It is very succinct, in the same way I cover the Art list. If someone 
> else from FWN want to editorialize more on this topic, feel safe to 
> delete my short paragraph.

Thank you for writing this. If someone has the time to complete it,
there is a lot of material in the web site referenced in the wiki page

> > There is not an army of me. There is one (overbooked). Please help.
> I see the traffic in the fonts list is low and a permanent column on FWN 
> would be too much (this happen with a lot of other lists) so I won't 
> invite someone from your SIG to join FWN, insead I subscribed myself to 
> the list so if something worthy of reporting happens once in a while, I 
> have the opportunity to talk about it.

Since all the day-to-day font info traffic was redirected to , the main
fedora-fonts-list has almost morphed in an announce list. Sometimes I
feel I'm writing to myself (even though I know some of the few
subscribers have key positions in upstream projects we depend on).

More FWN echo would certainly help attract new contributors.

> PS: I didn't took the fonts surveys myself, since I am not an ordinary 
> user and have extra fonts installed and OTOH, as a designer, I stay with 
> "safe fonts" for web pages (and won't change my mind about that easily).

Unfortunately too few people take the surveys, so even recently they
claimed most Linux users had access to Luxi and Liberation + DejaVu
didn't exist.

Nicolas Mailhot

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