Re: Fedora 11 font package changes proposal (renames, splits, etc)

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Le dimanche 09 novembre 2008 à 18:44 -0500, Qianqian Fang a écrit :
> One of the font packages that I am maintaining, wqy-zenhei-fonts, recently
> added a monospaced face (WenQuanYi Zen Hei Mono), via ttc. Because
> the original sans face and the mono face co-exist in the same font file
> (almost the same size as single face ones), so I guess there is no need to
> worry about splitting.

Yes, ttc files are an obvious exception. You just have to hope the
result is small enough no one will feel like blacklisting it to save cd
space. Hopefully the 'different capabilities' risk won't apply in this
case and packagekit will be able to manage them anyway.

> Also, android SDK was released in Oct. It contains a very nice unicode
> font, Droid Sans Fallback (containing 14000 Hanzi glyphs), and is licensed
> under Apache2 license. I am now working on some extension of this font
> and hopefully make another WenQuanYi font package for F11.

Be very careful about Droid, the general SDK license file says it's
Apache2, but the bundled fonts have metadata that claims otherwise, and
I'd be against merging Droid or any derivative in Fedora before Google
clarifies the situation (and in typical Google they don't talk to others
about problems).

Nicolas Mailhot

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