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> Am 01.06.2021 um 14:58 schrieb Florian Weimer <fweimer@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> * Peter Boy:
>> As I understand it the issue is the sheer number of dependencies,
>> obviously about 250+. The reason is that a separate rpm must be
>> generated for each lib/jar.
>> Perhaps this could be negotiated for certain cases, like Wildfly. If
>> that really reduces the workload drastically, that would be progress.
> The guidelines currently say this:
>  Bundling and Duplication of system libraries
>  <>
> This obviously has been written with C programs in mind.


> The Java-specific guidelines do not say anythign abound bundling as far
> as I can see.

therein the following passus:

== JAR file installation ==
The following applies to all JAR files except JNI-using JAR files and application-specific JAR files (i.e., JAR files that can only reasonably be used as part of an application and therefore constitute application-private data).
=== Split JAR files ===
If a project offers the choice of packaging it as a single monolithic JAR or several ones, the split packaging SHOULD be preferred.

seems to be the problem.
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