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On 01-06-2021 13:36, Peter Boy wrote:

Am 01.06.2021 um 11:47 schrieb Mat Booth <fedora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Note that while Wildfly *was* packaging in Fedora, it no longer is
because it amounted to more than one person's full time job to keep it
and its dependencies updated and working in Fedora.
Thanks, so my reconstruction is basically correct (minus my impression it never got to fly).

For some history,
please see Marek's email from 2015:

Max Rydahl Andersen made some interesting remarks at the end, e.g.
"drop the need for individual synced rpm's of each jar,“

Was there an attempt to do this? And would that really reduce the load so much that an rpm would be possible?


In theory it would reduce the load of creating the one rpm, but it doesn't solve the real problem of dependency alignment.

It is also not scale-able to the point of becoming realistically operational. You are effectively building an extremely large codebase.

Sorry, may be a dumb question. I’m just trying to (re)sort the options.

The copr rpm at will certainly never make it into an official Fedora release or other distributable because of the automatic download of an external binary.

Our idea is to make the system admin download the binary and when he decides to to that, assist him ("officially") to  install it properly (and easily).

It it works, I don’t know.

What you describe is exactly how copr works. :)
An admin enables the copr repo and installs a custom rpm. Whatever happens next, happens.


Di you see alternative options?

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