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On 01-06-2021 14:58, Florian Weimer wrote:
* Peter Boy:

As I understand it the issue is the sheer number of dependencies,
obviously about 250+. The reason is that a separate rpm must be
generated for each lib/jar.

Perhaps this could be negotiated for certain cases, like Wildfly. If
that really reduces the workload drastically, that would be progress.
The guidelines currently say this:

   Bundling and Duplication of system libraries

This obviously has been written with C programs in mind.

The Java-specific guidelines do not say anythign abound bundling as far
as I can see.

"In particular *.class and *.jar files from upstream releases MUST NOT be used during build of Fedora packages and they MUST NOT be included in binary RPM."

In effect you need to build every dependency from source.

The main problem doesn't lie with the creation of RPMs, although it is a choir to get through. Getting through the build step is the real issue.

Maven builds with whatever it can get its hands on from Maven Central or anywhere else defined in poms. Going to a build which can only use whatever is actually available on a given target platform makes interesting issues pop. The actual available dependency may not be API compatible with whatever is defined in the pom. (Note that building with a target platform in mind is a good thing.)

This may have gotten better over the years, but I wouldn't count on it.

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