Current status of Eclipse packages and PDT?

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Hi Everyone,

I can't seem to find any up-to-date information about Eclipse packages
in Fedora. Basically I'm trying to install Eclipse PDT (PHP Development
Tools) [1], so I guess any information with regards to PDT in the
latest Fedora release would be helpful.

PDT had been included in Fedora as the "eclipse-pdt" package up to and
including Fedora 31. Then it mysteriously disappeared. Am I missing
something or is it really gone? And if it is, is there any plan to
bring it back?

I also noticed that Eclipse packages became modular in Fedora 30, but
the Eclipse modules disappeared in Fedora 33 and the Eclipse packages
seem to be back in the main distro. Along the same lines, I found the
information in [2] to be outdated, as it still mentions the modules. Is
there any other official/up-to-date page dedicated to Eclipse packages
in Fedora?

Last but not least, the same page at [2] mentions "PHPEclipse", but
that project was abandoned a long time ago. There is no reference of
Eclipse PDT (or any other PHP related package, for that matter).


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