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On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 2:56 PM Fabio Valentini <decathorpe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> (Sent to both java-maint-sig and java-devel lists for good measure.)
> Hi everybody,
> As mentioned on #fedora-java, I'd like to start having regular
> meetings for the Java SIG again. There's a pretty long TODO list and
> coordinating asynchronously over IRC is not working so well for
> coordinating with others :) There's also some bigger projects on the
> horizon (migrating to Jakarta EE 9, eventual migration to OpenJDK 17
> as default, etc.).
> I suggest that we hold fortnightly meetings on IRC, since this has
> worked well for the Stewardship SIG. We also had tickets on our pagure
> tracking project for the meetings and their agendas, which has also
> worked well, so I'd like to do that again for the Java SIG.
> If you would be intersted to join the meetings, please fill out this whenisgood:
> Please mark the slots where you would *usually* have time to join a
> meeting. The dates are only there to mark the date of a *first*
> meeting (to distinguish "odd" and "even" weeks for the fortnightly
> schedule).
> Once the time slot is clear, I will create recurring event in the
> Fedora calendar app, which will also handle the reminder emails. :)
> Thanks,
> Fabio

Thanks everybody for responding to the whenisgood!
It looks like the first two slots where most people have time are
Thursday and Friday two weeks from now, from 15:00 UTC until 17:00
UTC, respectively.

Since I assume that nobody likes meetings on friday afternoon /
evenings, I suggest
## Thursday, February 18, 16:00 UTC - 17:00 UTC ##
as the date and time for the first meeting.

If there are no objections this week, I will create a fortnightly
fedocal event for this slot, starting on February 18, make a IRC
channel reservation, and start putting together a short meeting

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