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(Sent to both java-maint-sig and java-devel lists for good measure.)

Hi everybody,

As mentioned on #fedora-java, I'd like to start having regular
meetings for the Java SIG again. There's a pretty long TODO list and
coordinating asynchronously over IRC is not working so well for
coordinating with others :) There's also some bigger projects on the
horizon (migrating to Jakarta EE 9, eventual migration to OpenJDK 17
as default, etc.).

I suggest that we hold fortnightly meetings on IRC, since this has
worked well for the Stewardship SIG. We also had tickets on our pagure
tracking project for the meetings and their agendas, which has also
worked well, so I'd like to do that again for the Java SIG.

If you would be intersted to join the meetings, please fill out this whenisgood:

Please mark the slots where you would *usually* have time to join a
meeting. The dates are only there to mark the date of a *first*
meeting (to distinguish "odd" and "even" weeks for the fortnightly

Once the time slot is clear, I will create recurring event in the
Fedora calendar app, which will also handle the reminder emails. :)

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