N00b questions - I need help getting started on packaging.

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I'm ludo - I'd like to package josm - which requires Apcahe derby and apache-common-jcs-*.

I've managed to compile derby on my fedora 32 vagrant host. 
For that I had to force the compiler to not be the 1.8 using the JAVA_HOME variable so ants would use the compiler from the 11-openjdk-devel package.

I'm reading https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/packaging-guidelines/Java/ and https://fedora-java.github.io/howto/latest/. 
I'm far from being a java programmer and this is my first attempt at building a linux package. And that's why I'm writing this email.

I've got some inspiration from https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/derby/pull-request/1#request_diff as derby used to be packaged for fedora/RHEL in the past.

Looking at that spec file, I don't see how one can specify which version of javac to use and force while buidling. I also don't understand the need to the patch files nor do I get the fact that this ant build needs maven magic in the packaging.

I'll gladly RTFM anything sent to me, but I'd like to figure out the next steps in order to package derby , now that I have a build that doesn't fail.

Thanks in advance for your patience and time
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