Giving up on the jNeuroML bits: will use COPR if possible

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First, thanks Fabio and the others for working on the Java packages. I'm
sure we're all most grateful for the mammoth amount of work that you've
put in to keep things moving.

I'd joined the Java SIG primarily to get jNeuroML into Fedora, which
underlies most of the NeuroML stack[1] along with other java
neuroscience tools. After spending some time to try and get the deps
unorphaned etc., I've realised that this is far beyond my capabilities,
both time and knowledge wise---it's just too much work to
update/patch/drop/unorphan deps. (And this is without the fiasco that is

There are other neuro-sig packages that are suffering the same fate
too---their dep trees are just too large + complex for someone not
working with them actively to take on. Zbyszek also orphaned hdfview,
for example:

So, I'm giving up on getting all of this into Fedora. We'll see if they
can go into COPR where we may be able to bundle deps and so on. Stuff
that's too hard for COPR even will just have to be documented so that
users can install it all themselves.

Thanks again, I'll stick around to help where I can, and if there is a
neuro-sig package that can get into Fedora relatively easily, I will of
course do that.


Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" (He / Him / His) |
Time zone: Europe/London

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