Re: Expected OpenJDK packages in Fedora 29

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* Severin Gehwolf:

> Right. With that we end up adding JDK packages to user's system over
> time as we cannot obsolete java-11-openjdk packages once java-openjdk
> is version 12. JDK 11 would still be supported and obsoleting it might
> not be what users expect. Consider these examples:
> Currently for java-openjdk:
> JDK 10 -> JDK 11 -> JDK 12
> java-openjdk temp-dependent on java-11-openjdk:
> JDK 10 -> JDK 11 -> JDK 11 + JDK 12
> Either way, no solution seems ideal. Given that the time window, when
> this happens, is rather small and users actually using the rolling
> release package being small too, it seemed a reasonable compromise.

Hmm.  I see.

But java-openjdk-headless does not provide java-headless, so you end up
with both sets of packages anyway with the current solution, which is
far from ideal.

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