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Hi everyone,

this is my first post so here is a short introduction: I am a Clojure/Java developer
residing in Finland. First Fedora release I tried was Fedora Core 5 if I
remember correctly and I have been using Fedora ever since. I have submitted few bug reports before, but somehow I thought now is a good time to become a package
maintainer :)

I would like to improve the Clojure packages in Fedora. As
a newcomer in Fedora packaging, I am looking for instructions, reviewers and sponsors to update the current package (clojure), to bring back dead packages
(clojure-maven-plugin) and to add new packages from the clojure-project
(pom.contrib, spec.alpha and core.specs.alpha). After updating the Clojure
packages, I would like to start working on packaging leiningen2.

The update to Clojure 1.8 is quite trivial. I built it in a Copr-repository,
spec-file is available at:

I tested also updating to Clojure 1.9 in another Copr-repo. The process is more complex as some namespaces in Clojure were split to external libraries during
the development cycle. I have to polish the spec files, but the update
can be done in the following order:

- package clojure-maven-plugin version 1.8.1
- package pom.contrib  version 0.2.22
- update clojure to version 1.9.0-alpha15
- package spec.alpha version 0.1.134
- package core.specs.alpha version 0.1.24
- update clojure to version 1.9.0-beta3
- update spec.alpha to version 0.1.143
- update clojure to version 1.9.0

After that the update to version 1.10.0 should be a matter of updating
spec.alpha, core.specs.alpha and clojure.

Best regards,
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