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29.03.2016, 14:49, "Jiri Vanek":
>  You may add openjdk itself.
>  It would be rally nice to see how java api evolves during the lifecycle of single jdk (eg 7 or 8
>  [and there should be 100% backward comaptibility1) ) but much more interesting would be to see the
>  api changes in major jdk updates (from 6->7, and from 7->8 (or also from 6->8!) ) however... Jdk9 is
>  coming, and there are modules. So although I would really like to see 8->9 api change...Will your
>  tool work on jigsaw modules?

The report for OpenJDK is ready: http://abi-laboratory.pro/java/tracker/timeline/openjdk/

The report for Oracle JRE: http://abi-laboratory.pro/java/tracker/timeline/jre/

I'll add reports for Jdk9 soon.

Thank you.
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