What makes Fedora desirable in clouds?

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Hey everyone,

While mowing the yard last weekend, something came to mind about Fedora on clouds. We spend a lot of time thinking about getting Fedora onto more clouds and making it more interoperable with cloud APIs. Increasing Fedora's usage by making it available in more clouds seems like a worthwhile goal.

However, I wonder why people choose to use Fedora versus an alternative when they deploy in public clouds. These questions came to mind:

* Is there something lacking in the Fedora experience?
* Is Fedora more difficult to use or does it have limitations that frustrate users?
* Are we missing docs and blog posts that help users deploy their favorite applications on Fedora?

I'll admit that I bounce between regular Fedora and Fedora CoreOS in my own deployments. A lot of that depends on what I plan to run there. If I'm running containerized applications, CoreOS gets me up and running quickly. If I need to do some development or run something a bit more complex, I usually reach for Fedora Cloud.

I would love to hear thoughts from others on this topic about how we can improve the end-user experience for Fedora in public clouds of all sizes.

Major Hayden
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