Re: No swap on Vagrant images. On purpose?

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Hi Dusty,

Thanks again for your reply, sorry I had an issue w/ my IMAP folder for fedora-cloud not being checked automatically, hence the delay (this is now fixed).

On 2/14/20 10:53 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
Would you have a pointer on which scripts/stack are generating the base
boxes? One way I see would be to remake the base boxes here.

We generate them using kickstart. Here are the kickstart files (the ones
with *cloud* in the name):

Great pointer, this is exactly what I was looking for, esp

I use libvirt, so it may be specific to that provider, but I didn't think
it was. You can also try

Ah, indeed. It looks provider-specific here but there seems to be a way w/ the VirtualBox provider as well, using a VBoxManage[1] hook.

In the meantime, I'll be looking at regenerating the base box using the KS file you pointed at.

As an aside, I am using the VBox provider because the libvirt one did not appear to support 'vagrant snapshot' out of the box. I see it should work w/ sahara instead[2]. Did you try that? Since I am iterating frequently when debugging provisioning scripts, anything that can speed up the up/provision/destroy cycle is a benefit. For instance, taking the base Fedora box, dnf updating, installing needed packages and exporting the results as a new base box gives a noticeable speed improvement when bringing up the box another time.

Thanks again,



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