Re: No swap on Vagrant images. On purpose?

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On 2/13/20 11:25 AM, Vincent Rubiolo wrote:
> Hi Dusty,
> On 2/12/20 4:43 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
>> This is mostly because the cloud images don't configure any swap and we keep our
>> image builds for the vagrant boxes and for the cloud images pretty much the same.
> Thanks for your quick answer. This makes sense.
> Would you have a pointer on which scripts/stack are generating the base 
> boxes? One way I see would be to remake the base boxes here.

We generate them using kickstart. Here are the kickstart files (the ones
with *cloud* in the name):
>> There are two pretty easy options:
>> - increase the amount of ram for the vagrant box
> Yes, this is my current solution, I am doing that in the Vagrantfile.
>> - configure a second disk in your vagrantfile and then set it up for swap
> Do you have a pointer on how to do that? AFAIS[1] the Vagrant disk 
> feature is still experimental and not fully documented.
> I am using the VirtualBox provider so maybe you were referring to using 
> the VBoxManage configuration hook[2] or remaking the base box itself[3] 
> (hence my question above about how the Fedora base boxes are made)?

I just add a second disk in my configuration file:

I use libvirt, so it may be specific to that provider, but I didn't think
it was. You can also try

> Thanks again for your help here!
> Vincent
> [1]
> [2] 
> [3]
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