Re: No swap on Vagrant images. On purpose?

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On 2/10/20 9:26 AM, Vincent Rubiolo [] wrote:
> Good afternoon everyone,
> I am currently using the nice Fedora 30 Vagrant boxes[1] to host some 
> local dev environment (doing builds) and stumbled upon the fact that the 
> machines do not provide any swap partition/space (cf attached session 
> log). My build inside it is thus getting killed when running out of RAM.
> I have not found my answer on the list but from some of the searches 
> I've done[2], it looks like this is a balance between the time spent by 
> the Fedora cloud team and the users (as to who should do the customization).
> Was that the rationale behind this decision to not have swap space into 
> the images (that users would configure that themselves)?
> Thanks for your feedback,

This is mostly because the cloud images don't configure any swap and we keep our
image builds for the vagrant boxes and for the cloud images pretty much the same.

There are two pretty easy options:

- increase the amount of ram for the vagrant box
- configure a second disk in your vagrantfile and then set it up for swap

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