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OK, looks like Debian doesn't ship Skychart.

On 03/23/2016 07:53 PM, Christian Dersch wrote:
> Hi Mattia,
> at least for KStars that should be not a big deal as the catalog is also
> available through KStars content downloader already used for additional
> catalogs like Tycho. I think we should query upstream projects on
> details. Also, if Fedora is affected at least Debian (and thus Ubuntu)
> and openSUSE are affected too, so we have the majority of Linux users. I
> will discuss with KStars developers as the upstream tarballs are also
> nonfree then.
> For me retiring all related packages is really not an option, we would
> loose one of the main features of the Astronomy Spin. For Skychart: Is
> the affected package the main package or an additional data package?
> There are also free resources:
> created by NASA => should
> be in the public domain. But the one from W. Steinicke seems to be the
> best one...
> Greetings,
> Christian
> On 03/23/2016 07:16 PM, Mattia Verga wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm having a discussion on the Legal mailing list about the usage of
>> databases like the Saguaro Astronomy Club catalog [2] or Dr. Wolfgang
>> Steinicke NGC database [2].
>> For example Kstars uses the SAC catalog as source for its NGC
>> database. From the SOURCES.readme file in kstars sources [3]:
>>> SAC Catalog
>>> ===========
>>> Part of our NGC/IC data is obtained from the Saguaro Astronomy Club
>>> catalog, compiled by Steve Coe.
>>> While the website seemed to indicate that the catalog is only
>>> available for non-commercial use (and hence incompatible with KStars),
>>> Akarsh Simha received a correspondence with Steve Coe, who is the
>>> Copyright holder of the catalog.
>>> Here are the relevant sections of the email exchange:
>>> ----------
>>> From: Steve Coe <stevecoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> To: Akarsh Simha <akarshsimha@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> Date: 18th Dec 2008
>>> Snippet:
>>> Akarsh;
>>> I have no problem with you using the SAC data for the Kstars program.
>>> It was released with the rules that it is not sold as a seperate item.
>> The opinion on the Legal mailing list [4] is such sources are not
>> compatible with Fedora/RHEL:
>> From Tom Callaway reply:
>>> Any license with a commercial use restriction is non-free. Material
>>> under such a license must not be distributed in Fedora, either in source
>>> or binary RPM.
>> I think Skychart also uses SAC catalog for building its NGC database.
>> If such sources are incompatible what choices we have to fix that? I
>> don't find any other reliable and updated sources for NGC objects data
>> and even if there is one I don't think all the developers will change
>> their code only because Fedora doesn't like it. In Kstars case they
>> also had the permission from SAC to use their data.
>> So are the only choices to remove NGC catalogs from packages (with a
>> major loss in usability) or to retire packages from Fedora/EPEL?
>> Mattia
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>> [4]
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