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Hi Sergio,

Am 24.04.2014 01:20, schrieb Sergio Pascual:
> Hi Christian
> If you have python packages ready for review, please post a link here and I
> will review them.
> I have a few python packages myself (and I use it extensively in my daily
> astronomy work)

I will post them when they are ready, astroML is already part of Fedora
(I'm also doing some work for the machine learning SIG) :) I'm working
on some other packages like Aladin and (have to check the
license of the data files).

> I have imported the last version of indi in rawhide. It is still not ready
> (cmake has problems finding
> libjpeg). I didn't notice there was a new version, but you can always open
> a bug requesting the new version.
> And comaintainers are always welcome.

As I'm very interested in indi, so I will also try to find/fix issues
and build packages for testing. I will have a look at the latest
version. Another exercise is packaging of the 3rd-party drivers (at
least some of them should be distributable for Fedora, others (like
Atik) not).

Feel free to ask me, if you need any help or testing.


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