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Hi Christian

2014-04-23 17:02 GMT+02:00 Christian Dersch <chrisdersch@xxxxxxxxx>:

3.) Provide an almost complete Python(3) stack for astronomical purposes
(I already created some packages like astroML). Python gets more and
more important for astronomers. I'm a member of the astronomy group of
the University of Marburg (Germany) and we use Python for many tasks.

If you have python packages ready for review, please post a link here and I will review them.
I have a few python packages myself (and I use it extensively in my daily astronomy work)

4.) IRAF, PyRAF, DS9
    - IRAF is hard to package, I tried to adapt the Mageia package but
the build wasn't very stable :(
    - PyRAF is easy to package, but it needs IRAF :(
    - DS9 is easy to build, but uses many bundled libs by default, so it
needs to be unbundled.

5.) Current version of INDI to be able to access as
much equipment as possible. Some drivers could be part of Fedora too,
other ones (maybe the ones for Atik) are not distributable for Fedora,
maybe we could try to bring them to rpmfusion.

I have imported the last version of indi in rawhide. It is still not ready (cmake has problems finding
libjpeg). I didn't notice there was a new version, but you can always open a bug requesting the new version.
And comaintainers are always welcome.

What do you think about these ideas (and the current state of our wiki
page)? Except point 4 the ideas should be easy to realize, I already
performed 2, 3 and in parts point 5 for usage in our university group,
so I have a basis I can use :)

Fedora astronomy mailing list

Fedora astronomy mailing list

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