Re: New fedora iraf RPM

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Hi Joseph,

Joseph Wang <joequant@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> One problem is that it seems to that iraf should be installed in
> /usr/lib /usr/lib64
> rather than /usr/share since there are some library files there.

I think that the libraries and executables should go to /usr/lib/iraf,
but all the .cl, .hlp etc,. files should be in /usr/share/iraf.

>> What do you want to do there? The easiest way is to setup one machine
>> and then install Debian Wheezy on it. 20 GB harddisk space should be
>> anough for it. Additionally to the standard installation, wou would need
>> the packages
> I'll take a look at getting it working with VirtualBox.

Could you reproduce the problem with 

imarith dev$pix / 1 image.real pixtype=r

on Fedora?

Best regards


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