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> I've seen in the git that you reverted the unix paths to the IRAF ones
> (in cl.csh, iraf.h, mkiraf.csh, zzsetenv.def). Did anything not work
> with that?

There was a small glitch.  I'm getting the directory paths from the RPM
macros, so it turned out to be easier to do the directory translations using
a sed command in the RPM sed script than to patch the files.

One problem is that it seems to that iraf should be installed in
/usr/lib /usr/lib64
rather than /usr/share since there are some library files there.

> What do you want to do there? The easiest way is to setup one machine
> and then install Debian Wheezy on it. 20 GB harddisk space should be
> anough for it. Additionally to the standard installation, wou would need
> the packages

I'll take a look at getting it working with VirtualBox.
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