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Hi Joseph,

Am 01.07.2013 09:11, schrieb Joseph Wang:
> I've uploaded set of new fedora iraf RPM to dropbox
> This has the debian changes that were posted on the net, and splits out
> x11iraf from iraf

I've seen in the git that you reverted the unix paths to the IRAF ones
(in cl.csh, iraf.h, mkiraf.csh, zzsetenv.def). Did anything not work
with that?

> I can try to set up a virtualbox machine to debug the debian issues.  What's the
> easiest way of doing this?

What do you want to do there? The easiest way is to setup one machine
and then install Debian Wheezy on it. 20 GB harddisk space should be
anough for it. Additionally to the standard installation, wou would need
the packages

* csh,
* f2c (on i386),
* flex-old,
* libcfitsio3-dev,
* libcurl4-gnutls-dev,
* libexpat1-dev,
* libf2c2-dev,
* libncurses5-dev,
* libreadline-dev,
* libxmlrpc-c3-dev

If you want to get my Debian repository, it is on

however then you need to setup a bit more (debian package build utilities).

Best regards


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