Re: Wcstools-devel / Wcslib-devel naming conflict

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I am the maintainer of wcslib and wcstools in Debian. In the Debian
packages, I patched the wcstools library in that way (libwcstools); not
just for the development version but also for the shared library
(libwcstools0, since upstream doesn't contain a SONAME yet).

It would be nice if we could (independently of the pending upstream
decision) agree to use a common naming and SONAME scheme here to make
applications more portable, and also to put some pressure to upstream.

Best regards


Am 03.04.2013 00:48, schrieb Sergio Pascual:
> I owned the wcstools package in Fedora during a few releases. Back in 2009
> I contacted upstream and told them this problem. They said that they would
> fix the conflict (by changing libwcs to libwcstools) in a new wcstools 4,
> but it didn't get released.
> In discharge of upstream I must say that wcstools was not intended to be
> used as a development library, but as a set of tools around WCS.
> Perhaps upstream is more receptive now, I don't know
> 2013/4/1 Rex Dieter <rdieter at>
>> On 04/01/2013 05:19 AM, Joseph Wang wrote:
>>> I just noticed that both wcstools-devel and wcslib-devel create
>>> libraries named libwcs which causes a problem in linking to
>>> Wondering if you have any thoughts on resolving the conflict.
>> One (or both) of these providers of the same/common soname should rename
>> things.  I'd recommend first contacting each upstream developer(s) to
>> inform them of the conflict, and advise them to handle resolving the
>> conflict themselves.
>> The alternative is for downstreams (like fedora/megeia) resolving the
>> conflicts, which ends up being incompatible with upstream (or each
>> downstream too, if the naming isn't coordinated).  This is obviously much
>> less desirable, of course.
>> -- rex
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