Re: Build iraf RPM on fedora

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On 05/18/2013 01:48 PM, Joseph Wang wrote:
Cool.  Can you give a step-by-step walkthrough with some sample workflows?

I'd like to see how much it works.

Actually I didn't do nothing advanced. As I said before, I compiled your srpm for Fedora 19 and installed it in a virtual machine running Fedora 19 Beta. I loaded/unloaded some packages to see if Iraf was running fine. Then I rendered a fits image in ds9 from inside Iraf, performed an imstat on that image, and that's all for now :)

Nonetheless, in order to get Aladin running I had to install java before. Don't forget that java should be a Requires in the spec file.

All the best,
Germán A. Racca
Fedora Package Maintainer
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