Re: Wcstools-devel / Wcslib-devel naming conflict

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I owned the wcstools package in Fedora during a few releases. Back in 2009 I contacted upstream and told them this problem. They said that they would fix the conflict (by changing libwcs to libwcstools) in a new wcstools 4, but it didn't get released.
In discharge of upstream I must say that wcstools was not intended to be used as a development library, but as a set of tools around WCS.

Perhaps upstream is more receptive now, I don't know

2013/4/1 Rex Dieter <rdieter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 04/01/2013 05:19 AM, Joseph Wang wrote:
I just noticed that both wcstools-devel and wcslib-devel create
libraries named libwcs which causes a problem in linking to

Wondering if you have any thoughts on resolving the conflict.

One (or both) of these providers of the same/common soname should rename things.  I'd recommend first contacting each upstream developer(s) to inform them of the conflict, and advise them to handle resolving the conflict themselves.

The alternative is for downstreams (like fedora/megeia) resolving the conflicts, which ends up being incompatible with upstream (or each downstream too, if the naming isn't coordinated).  This is obviously much less desirable, of course.

-- rex

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