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Testing with mock in Fedora 18 x86_64

The build passes through iraf and fails somewhere in x11iraf. I attach the build.log from mock

I have added the following BuildRequires:
libXt-devel libXmu-devel Xaw3d-devel libXaw-devel
imake ncurses-devel byacc

It would be great to build using gfortran, g77 has been deprecated for years.

By the way, IMHO x11iraf should be a different package, it has different sources and version number.

Best regards, Sergio

2013/3/23 Joseph Wang <joequant@xxxxxxxxx>
Here is the latest set up patches.  The main difference is that I
found and fixed some fortran declarations and one very subtle but
nasty segfault in fncache.c.  I also changed the compile so that it
uses the system expat and readline.

The individual checkins are available at

The build file is just a git diff between master and linux-build.

Let me know if they help the compile....

There is one extra patch that isn't used by the spec file which you
can play with.

I'm in the process of trying to get everything to work with gfortran,
but am running into a lot of subtle memory issues.  There is IRAF code
that creates a subsystem for allocating memory and there are a lot of
pointer conversion issues.

On my machine I got a working RPM  ----->

   NOAO/IRAF PC-IRAF Revision 2.16 EXPORT Thu May 24 15:41:17 MST 2012
      This is the EXPORT version of IRAF V2.16 supporting PC systems.

  Welcome to IRAF.  To list the available commands, type ? or ??.  To get
  detailed information about a command, type `help <command>'.  To run  a
  command  or  load  a  package,  type  its name.   Type  `bye' to exit a
  package, or `logout' to get out  of the CL.    Type `news' to find  out
  what is new in the version of the system you are using.

  Visit if you have questions or to report problems.

  The following commands or packages are currently defined:

Initializing SAMP .... No Hub Available

      dataio.     images.     lists.      obsolete.   proto.
system.     vo.
      dbms.       language.   noao.       plot.       softools.   utilities.


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