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Hi there

I have tried to build the rpm using mock (it creates a chroot and then it build the package in it) in Fedora 18. First I had to add two more BuildRequires to the specfile, tcsh and f2c. With these two new dependencies, the rpm goes through compilation for a while but fails in the end. I attach the log of the build , probably you know better why is failing.

Best, Sergio

2013/3/13 Joseph Wang <joequant@xxxxxxxxx>
Here is the spec file and patch file that gave me a working cl prompt
on mageia, and it should be rather easily portable to other RPM
distros.  The big issue is that there is a chicken/egg issue in which
you have to build libVO to get xc and xc to get libVO, and I had to
split up the build into a bootstrap and non-bootstrap section.

It uses the system curl and f2c, and I'm trying to change the build so
that it uses the system readline and expat.

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