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Milos Jakubicek wrote, at 02/18/2008 07:44 AM +9:00:

I'm -- with kind assistance of Debarshi Ray and Eric Myers -- packaging
BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) for Fedora, which is one of the proposed packages for the Fedora Astronomy spin and at least one other package depends on it (namely the Einstein@GNOME).

After a discussion, we decided to ship first only the client part of
BOINC, as there remain some unsolved problems concerning the server
part, where we'd like to wait for upstream's decision first. And also it seems that the users won't benefit so much from the server part.
Do you find that ok?

I'd be pleased if you'd find some time to review the package
(BZ #433187) or even sponsor me, since this is my first Fedora package.

Milos Jakubicek

Thank you for packaging BOINC.
I am one of the sponsor members so I can review your package, however
also as a sponsor member I am also reviewing many other NEEDSPONSOR tickets.
I hope some Fedora astronomy SIG people would pre-review your package first.

Mamoru Tasaka <mtasaka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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