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Milos Jakubicek wrote:
> Hi,

Hello Milos,

> I'm -- with kind assistance of Debarshi Ray and Eric Myers -- packaging
> BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) for Fedora,
> which is one of the proposed packages for the Fedora Astronomy spin
and at least one other package depends on it (namely the Einstein GNOME).
> After a discussion, we dec	ided to ship first only the client part > of
> BOINC, as there remain some unsolved problems concerning the server
> part, where we'd like to wait for upstream's decision first. And also
> it seems that the users won't benefit so much from the server part.
> Do you find that ok?

Yes, I will look at it tomorrow, however I don't have ability to sponsor
you :( Thank you for your contribution!

> I'd be pleased if you'd find some time to review the package
> (BZ #433187) or even sponsor me, since this is my first Fedora package.

Marek Mahut     
Fedora Project                         

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