Fedora Astronomy SIG Meeting log 16-01-2008

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Fedora Astronomy SIG Meeting 18-01-2008

- Introduction.
- Review of tasks from last meeting.
- Free discussion, mind storming

Only two people for the meeting :(

Next meeting
Friday, March 1st, 2008 at 16:00 UTC

Meeting log
16:33    sergiopr > [n=sergiopr@xxxxxxxxxxxx] joins #fedora-meeting
16:34      marek   hey sergiopr
16:35   sergiopr   hello marek
16:35      marek   anyone else for astronomy meeting around?
16:39      marek   ok
16:39      marek   :)
16:39      marek   let's wait 2 minutes and we can start
16:39   sergiopr   Ok
16:43 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG Meeting -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy | Introduction.
16:43      marek   who's around?
16:43 *     marek Mahut
16:43   sergiopr   sergiopr
16:44      marek   ok, I guess we are alone :)
16:44 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG Meeting -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy | Review of
tasks from last meeting.
16:44      marek   let me start with artwork
16:45      marek   1) I propose to use as default wallpaper
"earth_from_space.jpg" which is in default install now
16:46      marek   2) we have a proposition of logo from Nicu,
16:46 stickster_a | changes nick to stickster
16:46      marek   let me know what do you think about the logo
16:46   sergiopr   very nice
16:46      marek   I think the idea is good but need some work, for
example I don't like the little blue planet
16:46      marek   I'll contact Nicu and ask if he can help us
16:46   sergiopr   perhaps in other color?
16:46      marek   sergiopr: yes, true
16:47      marek   or as the moon
16:47   sergiopr   I like the eclipse-fedora logo
16:47   sergiopr   The idea is simillar
16:47      marek   oh, do you have one around? I don't thave eclipse
16:48   sergiopr   let me see
16:49      marek   http://sourceware.org/eclipse/ this one?
16:50   sergiopr   Yep
16:50      marek   ok
16:50      marek   and what do you think about the wallpaper?
16:51   sergiopr   I like it also
16:52      marek   ok
16:52   sergiopr   I have used also a landscape of mars as a wallpaper
16:52   sergiopr   But this is ok I think
16:52      marek   the good thing is that's already in fedora
16:52   sergiopr   Yes
16:53      marek   regarding packaging, redmode is already approved
16:53      marek   I've also created fedora-bookmarks package
16:53      marek   waiting for review
16:53      marek   anything new on your side?
16:53   sergiopr   I have abandoned midas :(
16:53      marek   why?
16:53   sergiopr   It's kind o nightmare
16:53      marek   I belive that =)
16:54   sergiopr   I can compile it
16:54   sergiopr   BUt not install it in a sane way
16:55   sergiopr   There lots of files left, source code, object files,
binaries with rpath set
16:55      marek   uhm, ugly
16:55      marek   but that's not a problem
16:55   sergiopr   empty files,
16:55      marek   ok
16:55   sergiopr   I can give you my specfile, if you wan to try
16:56      marek   do you count to take anythin else for packaging?
16:56      marek   sergiopr: ok, send it to me please
16:56   sergiopr   I know you wolud ask that :)
16:56      marek   =)
16:56   sergiopr   I have packaged cloudy
16:56   sergiopr   A photoionization modeling tool
16:57      marek   yup, saw it in under review section
16:57      marek   who was interested in gnu/radio maintaining btw?
16:57   sergiopr   I don't know
16:58      marek   ok, I took vacation from work next week
16:58      marek   so I'm planning to do some major work
16:58 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG Meeting -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy | Free
discussion, mind storming
16:59      marek   ok
16:59      marek   I thought to register fedora-astronomy.org and
redirect it to fedora wiki page
16:59      marek   what do you think?
16:59      marek   would be easier to refer to that when you speak of
the spin
16:59      marek   but I'm not sure about domain name
16:59   sergiopr   Do you think it's necessary?
17:00      marek   well, few days ago I've told my friend about the
project and he asked me, where can I find it. I though it may be a good
idea to have this kind of redirect
17:00      marek   or maybe I can ask infrastructure team to have
astronomy.fedoraproject.org redirect
17:01      marek   not sure what's better
17:01   sergiopr   Well, it's easier to remember a simple name
17:01   sergiopr   I would prefer the astronomy.fedora thing
17:01      marek   true
17:01   sergiopr   It makes more evident the conexion with fedora
17:01      marek   because I would like to have short address for
priting on DVDs, banners etc...
17:01      marek   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy is too
long :)
17:02   sergiopr   Yes, its tru
17:02   sergiopr   true
17:03   sergiopr   We could try first the astronomy.fedorablablah thing,
and if it's not possible, then register other domain
17:03      marek   ok
17:03      marek   reggarding the time like, I would like to have our
first test ISO with Fedora 9 beta release
17:04      marek   so, I will try to get it week, two before Fedora 9 beta
17:04   sergiopr   Fedora beta is due to...
17:04      marek   13 March 2008
17:04   sergiopr   Less than one month
17:05      marek   yup
17:05      marek   but after Fedora 9 release our work is not finish :)
17:05      marek   we will roll-out spin with Fedora 10 too...
17:05      marek   with more packages!
17:05      marek   :)
17:05   sergiopr   Yes, of course
17:05      marek   I think Fedora 9 will have a good feedback from community
17:05   sergiopr   It's only the begining!
17:06      marek   in question of what package is missing etc..
17:06      marek   I count to contact meade, bressers etc... after Fedora 10
17:07      marek   and push in order to distribute the spin with their
17:07      marek   for free
17:07   sergiopr   Very nice
17:07      marek   I had an email exchange with one guy from celestron,
he told me if I have something solid they will consider it for 100%
17:08      marek   fact I didn't know that celestron have one small team
for open source stuff
17:08   sergiopr   Good move
17:08      marek   (how to integrate their scopes with open source etc...)
17:09      marek   ok
17:09   sergiopr   My spec of midas is in
17:09      marek   that's all I had for today
17:09      marek   sergiopr: thanks!
17:09   sergiopr   What about openuniverse
17:10      Sparks < [n=Sparks@fedora/Sparks] quits [Read error: 113 (No
route to host)]
17:10      marek   sergiopr: I count finish this one next week
17:10   sergiopr   ok
17:11      marek   ds9 is working fine?
17:11      marek   I had no chance to play much with it
17:11   sergiopr   yep
17:11      marek   cool
17:11   sergiopr   the people in my department it's using it without
17:11      marek   cool!
17:12      marek   it's sad that iraf is not complatible
17:12   sergiopr   iraf it's other nightmare
17:12   sergiopr   I'm collaborating with a japanesse guy porting it to
17:12      marek   sergiopr: nice
17:13   sergiopr   it has things like a duplicated libm
17:13      marek   but it's still not fedora-complatible?
17:13   sergiopr   or libc
17:13   sergiopr   no
17:14   sergiopr   the problem it's ncar grapics
17:14   sergiopr   http://ngwww.ucar.edu/
17:14   sergiopr   I don' know if ncar it's free now
17:14      marek   so, why is iraf incompatible?
17:15      marek   it's not clear to me
17:15      marek   because of ncar?
17:15   sergiopr   because the version harcoded in iraf is 20 years old
17:15      marek   :)
17:15   sergiopr   and then it was non free
17:15      marek   hmm
17:15      marek   did you tried it with never version?
17:16      marek   maybe not the newest one, but the first open source one
17:16   sergiopr   it's mixed with the iraf code
17:16   sergiopr   it's not trivial to change it
17:16      marek   ah
17:17      marek   is iraf license permitting fork?
17:17   sergiopr   iraf it's written in a strange language
17:17   sergiopr   called SPP
17:17   sergiopr   mixture og C and fortran
17:17   sergiopr   the license it's MIT
17:18   sergiopr   does it permitt fork?
17:18      marek   not sure, I guess not :(
17:18      marek   I'll investigate it
17:18 *     marek notes
17:20      marek   ok good
17:20      marek   anything else?
17:20   sergiopr   http://sourceforge.net/projects/iraf64/
17:20   sergiopr   That's the page in sourceforge
17:21   sergiopr   And that's all I think
17:21      marek   nice
17:21      marek   ok thanks sergiopr!
17:21 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Topic for
#fedora-meeting is Channel is used by various Fedora groups and
17:22 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Topic for
#fedora-meeting is Channel is used by various Fedora groups and
committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get
logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for
meeting schedule
17:22      marek   there :)
17:22   sergiopr   So, enjoy your vacations, marek
17:22      marek   sergiopr: thanks!
17:22      marek   bye
17:22   sergiopr   bye

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Fedora Project                                   http://www.jamendo.com/

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