Really disabling serial port?

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I have a Pi 4B 2G with a Uputronics u-blox GPS HAT, which puts the GPS
module serial data on the first serial port lines.  The problem is that
U-Boot stops boot on serial input, and the GPS module is always sending
data when it has a fix.

I put Fedora 36 Server on an SD card, and set the U-Boot stdin, stdout,
and stderr environment variables to exclude serial (which wrote
uboot.env), and that worked.  Then I unplugged the keyboard... and it
appeared to automatically re-add the serial and stop boot.

I have an extra Logitech unifying receiver I could leave plugged in
(which seems to work), but that needlessly uses up a USB port.  Is there
a way to tell U-Boot "no really, ignore input from the serial port"?

Chris Adams <linux@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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