Include arm SBCs in the renewed Fedora docs homepage and make it more visible?

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On behalf of the docs team:

We are in the process to renew the content of the Fedora docs homepage at For details see

My questions is wouldn't it be beneficial to include all your work on Fedora support of SBC boards, i.e. Raspberry Pi & Co., in the new homepage. 

Content-wise, this could be a page with a brief overview of SBC support with a link to the SIG Wiki page, plus installation instructions and an overview of supported supports.  The latter two would then replace the existing wiki pages and will become the authoritative reference. Of course, more is also possible.

Writing the docs pages would not be the problem. But the SIG would have to do a final review of the pages and do the update in the future. Docs team would be able to support that. There are also simple tools to do the updates, easier to use than the wiki pages. 

In the positive case, we would introduce a new „box“, probably next to Quick Docs, on the planned page (see, e.g. "Fedora on Single Board Computers: RasPi & Co" (or hopefully a better and catchier wording).

It would be really nice to get a dedicated decision and not just a rejection by ignorance.
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