NanoPC-t4 does not boot with branch 20221008

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Last week I got my hands on a FriendlyElec NanoPC-t4

I tried to boot branch 20221008, but the boot process stopped at:

[OK] Reached target - Basic System
[14.886445] dracut-initqueue[696]: WARNING: File locking is disabled.
     Starting dbs-broker.serv…ice - D-Bus System Message Bus …
[OK] Found device dev-mapper-fe…ice - /dev/mapper/fedora-root.
[OK] Reached target – Initrd Root Device.
[OK] Started dbus-broker.service – D-Bus System Message Bus.

The same is true with Beta 1.5 and with Fedora 36.

It looks similar to an error I had with my Radxa Rock Pi 4a which was resolved (the Rock Pi boots that branch without any problems, even from NVMe disk using Armbian SPI Flash, by the way).  

Some branches earlier the process stopped at the same line, but after about 15 mins continued repeatedly showing the same error message again and again, and finally an emergency mode shell prompt.

Unfortunately I didn’t noted any details because I run out of time. So I retried today with the current branch. It it helps I can try to find the branch with the latter behaviour. 

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