Re: System no longer bootable after latest update.

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> > So Fedora doesn't include a SPI version of it because neither of the
> > Rock Pi 4 devices, rock-pi-4-rk3399 and rock-pi-4c-rk3399, have
> > support for SPI in upstream U-Boot even with upstream master ATM. I
> > have neither of those devices so I can't test any patches I could do
> > to be able to send that support upstream.
> So the Armbian docu pretends something that doesn’t exist - not nice.

So looking at this post I don't believe they claim to not be using
patches, looking at the following forum post [1] I read it as basing
their builds on the upstream code vs basing it on the Raxda vendor
fork, which I suspect is based on Rockchip's ancient vendor fork, so
it's nuanced but not necessarily incorrect. Also when trying to find
their source I find this message which is more troubling [2].

> > So you get output from U-Boot before you get a grub menu? If so what
> > version string does the Armbian firmware return?
> It says: U-Boot 2020.10 - Armbian May 06 2011
> > I may have found something, but I'm still bisecting some pieces down.
> Gives ma hope.

So the thing that I've found is a regression in U-Boot between 2022.07
rc5 and rc6 for the devices I've seen  the issue on. I've filed a bug
[3] so for the Fedora builds we can do a blocker but I don't know if
your build would have that patch pulled in or not so it's hard to tell
but I've no been able to find the Armbian source for their U-Boot
builds, see [2]. If you could find their sources/patches it would be
useful there.

Looking at [4] it seems they at least patch the configs which
indicates they do more. Also from that post the RockPi4 has XTX SPI
flash so it might not be hard for me to create a patch for upstream to
support it but without one of these boards the round trips of remote
low level debug of boot issues with firmware is probably too time
consuming for me to do at the moment.


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