Re: System no longer bootable after latest update.

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> >> Before that I got the EFI screen and could select a kernel, but the keyboard is not initialised so the system does respond to the cursor keys at all.
> >
> > Is it the firmware shipped by Fedora or does it come from elsewhere?
> Fedora doesn’t include a spi Version, so I used spi firmware from Armbian late 2020, which is according to Arabian docu  mainline U-Boot. And everything worked since then.

So Fedora doesn't include a SPI version of it because neither of the
Rock Pi 4 devices, rock-pi-4-rk3399 and rock-pi-4c-rk3399, have
support for SPI in upstream U-Boot even with upstream master ATM. I
have neither of those devices so I can't test any patches I could do
to be able to send that support upstream.

> But when the kernel issue arises, the system is already running from NVMe device, isn’t it?

It could be because something had changed in the firmware and the
kernel isn't powering up a regulator that is needed by PCI or similar
that was previously powered up by firmware.

> > Which model of Rock Pi 4 is it?
> It is the Rock Pi 4a (without wifi), Board revision 1.4 which is the first revision with a soldered SPI module.
> > Do you get all the early displayoutput?
> I get after the update the same output as with the installation kernel. That is the EFI selection screen, the the display goes blank so some seconds, then the online message in the first line „BootingFedora …, then the display goes blank again for some seconds, and the output as I wrote in my previous mail. The keyboard is with both kernels not operational when the EDI screen is displayed.

So you get output from U-Boot before you get a grub menu? If so what
version string does the Armbian firmware return?

I may have found something, but I'm still bisecting some pieces down.

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