Re: Fedora on Librem 5: is it possible?

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Il giorno sab 10 apr 2021 alle ore 13:24 Peter Robinson
<pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> I don't know what Purism is doing, they've made some choices around
> their HW which is frankly quite strange, I've stated this before [1],
> and attempted to cover up the fact the HW needs various firmware to
> work by masking them and doing, or at least attempting to do and I
> have no idea if those experiments worked out or not, weird things in
> the early boot process to setup the SoC. It was at that point I
> stopped following what they were doing.

I know the article, I read it some time ago.

> I'm aware of at least one person reporting that they had booted Fedora
> on the device, they asked me if I could enable some drivers for some
> of the sensors, I have no idea how they achieved it etc.
> Like with all these early devices we can assist where possible but
> there's an expectation of some level of being able to deal with the
> very early low level booting of arm devices yourself because debugging
> these devices over email or IRC is difficult.

Yes, it's not a "well known" PC.

What about [1]? What's the plan of Fedora Mobility SIG? Who is taking
care of it?
I suppose since there is an empty link, someone wants to fill it...


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