Re: Fedora on Librem 5: is it possible?

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Hi Massi,

> Hello folks!
> I just got my Librem 5, after a long time. I know that is not a
> priority (from [1]):
> "We don't directly support devices such as phones and tablets but it's
> not to say that without the required kernel/bootloader know how that
> they don't work, it's just not our primary focus."

>From the Arm PoV that statement is still mostly correct, but it's
nuanced as there's group that is focusing on some of those devices. I
think there will be a focus in that group on actively open phones, I
still wouldn't expect your average locked down consumer phone to be a

> But, do you think is it possible to get a working Fedora on this device?

So there is now a new group [1] that is actively looking at phones and
tablets, in particular the PinePhone and the PineTab. This is the
right mailing list to discuss and there's also an IRC channel
#fedora-phone too.

All the pieces for that device are enabled in the Fedora kernel, we
don't build a boot firmware for any i.MX8 stuff ATM because basically
"it's complicated". I'm aware of a number of i.MX8 devices that do
work once there's an appropriate firmware in place.

There's active work around the Phosh phone graphical environment.

So in short most of the pieces are in place, I'm not aware of anyone
that's actually tested one of those devices as yet but there was
certainly interest.

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