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On 9/22/20 3:53 AM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Given that the proposal refers to the Code of Conduct and there is
> currently a plan[1] to upgrade from a Code of Conduct to a Code of
> Ethics, why are you rushing to do this Community Publishing Platforms
> change in 2 weeks?
> Would the Fedora Council simply put this on hold until after the Code of
> Ethics is final?  Then there will be a better opportunity for the
> community to discuss how the documents work together.

Given that this policy change was first drafted and proposed in April,
and since I labored on it in unpaid volunteer hours, this does not feel
like "rushing" to me. (I actually wrote this before I joined the Fedora
Council this year.) But I admit my bias as author.

I agree with Marie's thinking to move forward with this policy, and if
we need to make revisions later, we will. That's what we do in Fedora.
Iterative learning. :) The feedback shared so far in the council-discuss
thread does not convince me to hold up the process, although there are a
few comments in the Pagure Pull Request that ask good questions. I will
follow up there some time this week.

Justin W. Flory (he/him)

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