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Thanks for sharing this Martin. I have a few questions, comments, etc
below. I like the overall direction, so these should be read as
opportunities for improvement, not as criticism.

* When this was circulated on devel[1], some people raised concerns
that MBS isn't represented. Since that's going to be a key component
of this Objective's success, it would be good to have someone from
that team explicitly part of the Objective.
* Given that the F33 release is getting close, it's probably better to
focus on F34-35 (or 36 if you're looking at 18 months). Specifically,
it would be good to see at least some rough targets for the F35
release timeframe, with the understanding that a lot of the
research/planning work for that hasn't been done yet.
* For goal #4, do you have an idea of what the architectural changes
are or what you want to accomplish with them?
* Generally speaking, 12-18 months from now, how will we know if this
Objective has been successful? Number of modules available? Improved
maintainer sentiment? Improved user sentiment? Something else?


Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Senior Program Manager, Fedora & CentOS Stream
Red Hat
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