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Hi Marie!

I know you are intending to start public, transparent discussion around
communication, but maybe to put this upfront to avoid steering
off-course, I assume that there was an affirmative decision to move
forward with GitLab over Pagure. :)

On 4/1/20 10:30 AM, Marie Nordin wrote:
> How do we ease the path of acceptance around Gitlab for those teams that
> have to and/or want to move there. The decision to go with it has been
> made. We need to help the community see, understand, and accept why the
> decision was made, and then hopefully become inspired to contribute to
> it. We are working against a lot for this second piece, though I have a
> couple ideas. I would really love to get input from everyone else.

If I could make a single wish, it would be to migrate issues/PR history
from Pagure to GitLab.

From my perspective, I like GitLab over Pagure from features/tooling
perspective for issue management, which is what (most) non-software
teams use Pagure for. But the historical archive of issues, PRs, and git
commits is important to me. I can set up new labels, new workflows, and
get used to a new UI, but I can't reference historical discussions and
perspectives without going to an archived site and fishing out a link,
when today I can type #XYZ to reference something in less than five seconds.

When Fedorahosted/Trac was sunset, folks went to great lengths to write
a Python CLI tool to migrate Trac tickets to Pagure issues. This was
immensely helpful to me. While I would have liked some help to actually
move the Trac repos over to Pagure, just having a tool to go from Pagure
to GitLab would be dandy.

Justin W. Flory (he/him)

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