Re: New plan for the future of objectives reports (and editions too!)

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Hi all,

I like this idea, but have three suggestions:

(1) Better publicize a link to the published docs site
(2) Create example of how this might look 12 months later
(3) Collect better resources for infrequent git / AsciiDoc users

First, I couldn't find a link to the published status reports. I opened
the issue below to add a link to the published docs site to the README
and Pagure repository. It would be helpful to visually understand how
status reports look today when rendered:

Secondly, could someone create an example page for a team of how this
might look 12 months down the road? I was initially confused by this

On 7/8/19 7:20 AM, Ben Cotton wrote:
> The color code is for the area overall, not for individual items. So
> if D&I has a bunch of open tickets, but they're working through them
> well, then they're probably green. If they have one ticket open and
> are also facing an existential crisis, that's yellow or red.

A detailed example for the Foobar Objective and a snapshot of status
reports at "green" or "red" states is helpful to understand the
Council's expectations from status reports.

Additionally, please consider updating these status reports is a
"technical" contribution. For groups like D&I and Mindshare, elected
persons may not be familiar with AsciiDoc, Antora, or any of the Fedora
Docs tooling. An elected person might not use git on a daily basis too.
I don't think it is unfair to ask someone to learn these tools, but it
should be easier than it currently is for someone to learn about them.

Overall though, I support this idea. From my POV, I am *super*
appreciative of the added help with out-bound reporting on the Community
Blog from status reports. I see that as a double-effect: it makes
out-bound reporting easier for objectives/editions/sub-projects and also
extracts more information from the new and exciting areas deep within
Fedora out into the wider public.

Justin W. Flory
Pronouns: he/him/his

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