New plan for the future of objectives reports (and editions too!)

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Hi Objective leads, Edition leads, and Council representatives!

I’d like to try something new to replace some of our meetings.

Every four weeks, the Fedora Council has a meeting devoted to Objectives
updates, and in a separate meeting a similar thing for the Engineering and
Mindshare sides of the project and the Diversity and Inclusion team. The
idea is that this gives these leads the opportunity to share the current
status of their work with the Council and the community at-large. However,
these meetings are sometimes hard for people to attend and don’t provide
updates in a reliable or consumable way.

I have asked the FPgM (hi Ben!) to create a repository[1] that leads can use
to provide updates. Each Objective and Edition has a file with a “traffic
light” status indicator (red, yellow, or green) and the ability to provide
status information. I’d like to ask you all to update this file at the end
of each week. (That is, every Friday, please.)

Nothing complicated: just make sure the color is right for your current
status (green: on track, everything is cool; yellow: there’s something that
might be a concern and the Council should be aware; red: there’s an active
problem and help from the Council is needed).

The idea behind this is that you won’t have to think back too far about what
has happened. About once a month, Ben will aggregate your status updates
into a post on the Community Blog so that we can share this information with
the Fedora community.

We'd like to have this for the Council Objectives, but also for the official
Fedora Editions, and for Mindshare and Engineering overall from the Council
representatives for those areas. (I'm posting this to the council list but
will also send privately or to area mailing lists because I know it's hard
to keep up with all the lists!) 

We want to make it easy for you to report what is going on in your area and
for the community to find it. With this, we’ll be able to publish your
current status to and the regular Community Blog
posts will give a meaningful diff to the community. If you have suggestions
for how we can improve this process, please let us know.


Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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