Patch to fix crash in firefox/thunderbird

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I have been getting the notorious...

slot.cpp:2262: CKYStatus Slot::readCACCertificateAppend(CKYBuffer*, CKYSize): Assertion `mOldCAC' failed.

...crash when using coolkey with firefox/thunderbird and a CAC card. The problem arises in that when readCACCertificateFirst is called with mOldCAC set to false, the "nextSize" variable is left uninitialized. This causes problems further down the line when the uninitialized value of nextSize is interpreted as a partially-read certificate. The below patch resolves the problem and allows the new style cards to be used properly.

--- coolkey-1.1.0.orig/src/coolkey/slot.cpp
+++ coolkey-1.1.0/src/coolkey/slot.cpp
@@ -2209,6 +2209,8 @@ Slot::readCACCertificateFirst(CKYBuffer
     CKYBuffer_Resize(cert, 0);

+    *nextSize = 0;
     /* handle the new CAC card read */
     /* read the TLV */
     status = CACApplet_ReadFile(conn, CAC_TAG_FILE, &tBuf, NULL);

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