Re: using coolkey with s/mime for .gov or .mil OWA sites

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AFAIK, yes.  Private key activation requires client-side code, Javascript
can't do it without a client-side library to load (dangerous), and MS has
no interest in using a Java applet.

-- T

On 10/10/11 4:47 PM, "Howdy Doody" <h0wdyd3wdy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Even with the new OWA that has nearly all the functionality in firefox
>that it does in IE?
>On 10/09/2011 04:03 AM, Miller, Timothy J. wrote:
>> No.  S/MIME on OWA requires ActiveX.
>> -- T
>> On 10/8/11 5:44 PM, "Howdy Doody" <h0wdyd3wdy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I use coolkey to access .gov and .mil sites with my CAC, but one thing
>>> have an issue with is I have to use windows in order to read an
>>> encrypted email.  Specifically, with the newer OWA or older OWA, I have
>>> to go to settings/options and install that s/mime thing in order to
>>> encrypted email.
>>> Is it possible to do this in firefox and with coolkey in some way?
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